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Sheremetyevo International Airport, has terminals B, C, D, E and F on both sides of the runway. You can walk between terminals B and C; or between terminals D, E and F; but you have to take a shuttle bus or a taxi to go between the two sites. Sheremetyevo I is the old name for Terminal B, and Sheremetyevo II is the old name for Terminal F.

International flights depart terminals C, D, E and F. Domestic destinations are operated out of terminals B and D. Aeroflot is trying to move most of its flights to the newly built Terminal D (was known during the construction time as "Terminal 3" or "Sheremetyevo III").

Sheremetyevo, north of the city centre, is the closest airport to downtown Moscow but the major road leading to it, Leningradskoye Shosse, is one of the busiest in the city and is normally a giant traffic jam most of the day.

The quickest way to get to Sheremetyevo is to take an Aeroexpress train from Belorussky Railway Terminal (see below). These depart from a dedicated terminal (3d or 4th entrances) from 5:50AM to 11:30PM every 30 or 60 minutes (check their website before you go, there is a 2-hr "window" in the schedule between 11am and 1pm from Smolenskaya, and from 10:30am to 12:30pm from Sheremetyevo), and now connect directly to SVO-2/D/E/F, with a shuttle bus service to SVO-1/B/C. The journey takes 35 minutes and costs 320 rubles one-way (as of July 2011). Keep your paper ticket for the whole of the Aeroexpress journey.

In contrast to many other airports, Sheremetyevo isn't served by a mixture of express and suburban trains, and the Aeroexpress is the only rail link to it. For leaving a car near the airport for the length of your trip outside Moscow, there are numerous (non)official parking lots between SVO1 and SVO2; rates start from 200 rubles/day and up.

Most flights from/to Sheremetyevo II are operated either by Aeroflot or by its partner international carriers, mostly members of the SkyTeam alliance. Check-in starts two hours before departure time (three hours for US-bound flights).

Domodedovo International Airport is south of the city center and is the main hub of S7 Airlines and Transaero, the largest domestic airlines in Russia, with the latter also serving numerous international destinations. Many international carriers, including British Airways and Lufthansa, also use Domodedovo and since 2005 it has catered to more passengers than Sheremetyevo.

The airport is most conveniently reached by rail. The station is located directly inside the airport and is served by the non-stop Aeroexpress train as well as commuter trains, both running to the Paveletsky Rail Terminal in central Moscow. The Aeroexpress runs every 30 minutes and takes 45-50 minutes to the centre and costs 320 rubles, whereas the commuter train runs infrequently, takes 65-70 minutes and costs 99 rubles.

A shuttle bus runs from the Metro station at Domodedovskaya to the airport every 15 minutes, taking around 30 minutes for the trip and costing 100 rubles (including luggage). The bus is actually a very comfortable coach service. Domodedovskaya is around 20 minutes from Paveletsky, and if you are getting the metro at the end of your trip it may work out a simpler and cheaper journey than the Aeroexpress. The shuttle bus is numbered 308, and departs from the bus parking on the left around 30 metres in front of the terminal building. At Domodedovskaya take the exit to the south (downtown side) turn right in the underpass, and follow it to the end, then take the stairs. The bus stop is immediately at the top of the stairs.